Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Recently, on a shopping trip to Toys R Us, I (Antoinette Brim) came across a display of Barbies in the Basic Black series. Each doll was clothed in a little black dress inspired by legendary designer, Diane Von Furstenberg. In the front row of the display, there were three different black Barbies in three skin colors and three different hair textures in three different black dresses. My dear friend was immediately drawn to the doll known as "Goddess." She picked up the doll and said softly, “I have never seen a Barbie my color and with my hair.”

Educators, poets, artists and now co-editors, Antoinette Brim, Lita Hooper and Demetrice Worley will be compiling an anthology of poetry, fiction, non-fiction (essays), and ten-minute plays surrounding the notion of beauty as it relates to black girls and women. Use Deidre, Goddess and/or Mbilia (the three black Barbies) as your muses. However, while the three black Barbies are the catalyst for this project, they need not be represented directly in your work. Consider how the standard of beauty impacts the way girls groom, envision, present, value and devalue themselves and each other. Consider how the larger community judges black beauty. Consider how the media depicts the black body. Visual Artists interested in submitting artwork for the anthology cover, should also submit.

The submission deadline is February 28, 2011. This call is open to all races and genders. Presently, a publisher is being sought.

Please e-mail poetry submissions to: threeblackbarbiespoetry@gmail.com

Please e-mail fiction submissions to: threeblackbarbiesfiction@gmail.com

Please e-mail essays and ten minute play submissions to: threeblackbarbiesessays.plays@gmail.com

Please e-mail cover art submissions to: threeblackbarbiescoverart@gmail.com